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Special machines & Automation

n our workshops special machines are designed and assembled to meet our customers specific needs. Over the years we have developed a variety of technology solutions in various fields. Customer focus is always our leading star and depending on the project size and our customers? requirements, we can either complete the assembly on-site or in our workshop. We always optimize the machines? post installation to ensure they live up to the high standards required.

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Specialteknik utökar och anställer två nya medarbetare.
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Den 30 april gick vi in i Pågen-gruppen
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​SpecialTeknik i Sverige AB i Malmö

   Kantyxegatan 21 • 213 76 Malmö

Phone +46 40 14 31 50kontakt@specialteknik.se​

SpecialTeknik i Sverige AB i Göteborg

 Olof Asklunds gata 18 • 421 30 Västra Frölunda

Phone +46 3​1 89 85 40 kontakt@specialteknik.se​​