We design and optimize

​Service & Support
​- we maintain around the clock

All machinery and production lines need maintenance and our service allows you to increase both reliability and availability. Our employees have a broad technical expertise that enables us to offer you an efficient service program for both preventive maintenance and operation maintenance.

Avoid unnecessary downtime

We ensure that your daily operations run smoothly and you can always feel secure with our installation. We offer a broad range of services based on your needs. Choose from having our technicians on-site around the clock or us being just a phone call away.

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Specialteknik utökar och anställer två nya medarbetare.
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Den 30 april gick vi in i Pågen-gruppen
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​SpecialTeknik i Sverige AB i Malmö

   Kantyxegatan 21 • 213 76 Malmö

Phone +46 40 14 31 50kontakt@specialteknik.se​

SpecialTeknik i Sverige AB i Göteborg

 Olof Asklunds gata 18 • 421 30 Västra Frölunda

Phone +46 3​1 89 85 40 kontakt@specialteknik.se​​