We design and optimize

State of the art technology solutions

Since 1962, SpecialTeknik has developed custom made and state of the art technology solutions. Over the years we have built strong relationships with various companies in multiple industries. Together we develop high quality technology solutions along with our customers to meet their specific needs and desires.

Cornerstones and hygiene factors

One important cornerstone of our business is the food industry. Here we have achieved cutting edge expertise regarding hygiene. This has been proven valuable for other industries such as the pharmaceutical industry, electronics industry and the chemical-technical industry, where the requirements for hygiene are also extremely high.

We dare say that there are not many competitors who are able to carry out a major refurbishment or installation with a guarantee to uphold the highest hygiene requirements while the regular production can continue without interruptions.

Quality, safety and service

Quality, safety and service are all important key values in our business. This means you will always be satisfied with what we deliver. We are always accurate and on time. In addition, we are happy to mention our great service, which includes everything from on-site staff to just being a phone call away.

We welcome full responsibility

We take pride in our technical expertise as well as being excellent problem solvers. But to succeed it also takes responsiveness, ability to co-operate and flexibility. For us, no challenges are too small, or too big for that matter. We gladly co-operate with our customers in smaller projects as well as when developing technology solutions with full responsibility and a clear overview, from design to installation.

Benefits of choosing SpecialTeknik as your partner:

• High performance

• Increased profitability

• Optimization of the workflow

• Improved ergonomics

• Automation with step-by-step implementation

• On-site service and support

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